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Find the Top-Quality Industrial Shed for Rent in Noida at Affordable Rentals.

Choosing a Godown, Industrial Shed or Industrial building on rent is a very crucial decision for any company, the management has to consider many factors while short listing the location of their premises.

Noida is one of the largest industrial townships of Asia which is not very far from the capital city “Delhi”. Noida is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh at the fringes of Delhi and well connected through network of roads, national highways and the ultra modern Delhi Metro. Noida is a city where grass is greener, the roads are wider, power cuts are uninterrupted, water supply is abundant, rentals are most competitive, availability of skilled labour, maximum supply of industrial spaces on rent etc. The city has the best infrastructure, free from pollution and traffic jams, the Noida authority has been developing more green belts and parks to make the environment more comfortable for industries. The demand of Industrial building for rent in Noida is keeps on increasing. A number of multinational companies have set up their establishments in Noida. Noida is attracting large interest from young professionals from IT/ITeS sector, especially BPOs. These young professionals are making Noida, the highest income tax paying district in UP.  The upcoming expanded direct metro link will further improve the connectivity of Noida.

A Godown is a building used to store raw or finished products that will be sold or distributed later. Godowns are generally used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, logistics companies etc. Godown for rent in Noida is generally found in Phase-2, 3 or in Greater Noida. Godown for rent in Noida and Greater Noida are designed keeping in view the basic requirements of client like height of shed, wide entrance, power/electricity load required, ramp for loading & unloading, facility of crane, goods lift, fire-fighting provisions, big shutters, uninterrupted water & power supply and so many other basic international features to store the goods in large quantity without any hassle. The roads of Noida & Greater Noida are wide and smooth for the movement of heavy vehicles. As compared to other cities, Noida has the vast availability of Industrial Shed in Noida.

Industrial Shed for rent in Noida

The upcoming metro, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, elevated signal free roads, Goods and Service Tax will give a great boost to the industries of Noida. The approved airport at Jewar, the area will emerge as a logistic hub and this project increase the demand of residential, industrial and commercial real estate market of Noida & Greater Noida.

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Why the Demand of Factory on Rent in Noida is Increasing?

The demand for Industrial building for rent in Noida is keeps on increasing because of its excellent connectivity, better infrastructure and has all key advantages which provide numerous matchless facilities to the companies. As we all know, this city is an Industrial hub and famous for Industrial buildings which are generally used for manufacturing & assembling units, warehousing, sheds etc. It is turning out to be a model city because of its development in the areas of industry commerce and trade. The reason for companies shifting their base to Noida is the availability of inventory; Noida has a lot of supply of big Industrial buildings for rent, so companies can easily plan their expansion here. This has proved as a boon for the people living in Noida as it has given ample of employment opportunities to youngsters and growth to them. Noida offers a pollution free and highly supportive industrial environment with greenery all around. In the last few years, some of the big giants have taken the space in Noida. One of the main reasons behind the existence of these big international and national companies is the close proximity to Capital “Delhi”. The city has the wide roads and free from traffic jams because of running ultra modern metro, elevated roads, flyovers etc. The rentals of Noida are much more economical than other parts of Delhi-NCR, ample of parking space, uninterrupted water and power supply etc. are the positive factors of Noida which keeps on attracting many industries.

Industrial building for rent in Noida

Factory is a building where goods or raw materials are converted into finished products or assembled through machinery. Noida is an ideal destination due to a lot of conditions which are conducive for its industrial/factory growth. Noida has many big buildings which can be used as factory and has a large availability of inventory on economical rentals as compared to other cities. Factory for rent in Noida is one of the most demanding locations in Delhi-NCR wider roads, ample parking space, uninterrupted water & power supply, bigger spaces, availability of skilled labour at lowest wages etc. The companies always want their factories spaces close to their corporate offices, and Noida is the location where the corporate can easily have their offices, warehouses and factories nearby for the convenience of employees and employers.

Factory for rent in Noida
Factory for Rent in Noida

The upcoming GST from July’2017 onwards, Delhi-Mumbai corridor, extended Metro route which will cover almost all the residential, commercial and industrial sectors of Noida & Greater Noida, International Airport at Jewar will be a major boost for Industrial sectors of Noida and Greater Noida.

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Noida is Becoming a Favourite Destination for Industrial Building for Rent in Noida

The fully furnished office space for rent in Noida, Sector-2 is the most prime location of Noida with best connectivity to Delhi through DND flyway, South Delhi, Mayur Vihar and Vasundhara Enclave. The sector is well connected to metro station of Sector-15 which is just 2-5 minutes walk away from the station. The connectivity between Noida and other cities has improved with the construction of flyovers, elevated roads etc. Many food chain outlets and various known banks are in close proximity. Sector-2, Noida is best for IT companies and start-ups to start or expand their business operations. The sector has ample of parking space for an occupants as well as for the visitors, has the best speed internet, the companies can even operate at night in Sector-2, Noida. The best thing about Noida’s Sector-2 realty is the availability of properties at economical rentals. Priyagold, Nirulas, State bank of India, Motherson & Sumi, DHFL, The handicraft & handloom corporation etc. are the major names of Sector-2, Noida.

Industrial building for rent in Noida
Industrial Building for Rent in Noida

As we all know, this city is an Industrial hub and famous for Industrial Building for Rent in Noida which are generally used for manufacturing & assembling units, warehousing, sheds etc. Spread over approximately 20,316 hectares, with many sectors fully developed, NOIDA offers a pollution free high standard of living and highly supportive industrial environment with its unique infrastructure providing numerous, matchless facilities. A number of multinationals companies and other many industries have shifted or set up their establishments in Noida region from other cities in the last few years. Noida is well connected to other parts of NCR through a network of roads, national highways, ultra modern Delhi Metro, 8-lane DND flyway etc. Further, the 8 lane Taj Expressway connects Greater Noida to Agra. Metro is the lifeline of many office goers in Delhi/NCR and Noida has the best connected metro route from other parts of NCR, therefore this is the favourite destination for employees to commute. Noida is considered as less polluted city because of greenery all around, wide roads and green belts which is best for industrial spaces. Keeping in view about the environment, Noida Authority is in the process of planting more trees in all over the Noida region. NOIDA industrial spaces are getting far better than other populated NCR cities in terms of parking facility as many of the new constructed buildings have the stilt parking inside the building other than ample parking space outside the premises. Improved power and water supply in most of the NOIDA region enable NOIDA to score high on livable friendly index than the adjoining cities. Noida is famous for maximum labour at minimum wages as compared to nearby NCR like Delhi, Gurugram etc.

The upcoming Delhi-Mumbai corridor, extended Metro route, International Airport at Jewar, GST will be a major boost for Industrial sector of Noida.

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