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Why to Take an Office Space for Rent in Noida Sector-16?

Getting the right space for work is one of the major decisions of any manufacturing / office set up anywhere in Noida. The decisions regarding the property space once taken has a long term impact on the growth and profitability of the organization. Therefore, the companies have to look after many factors and parameters before finalizing the space for their company. In the last few years the commercial leasing in Noida has taken another level and attracts many big corporates to expand their operations in the city. Noida has many positive factors which keep on attracting the companies looking for offices, factories, warehouses etc. in the city. Noida have witnessed several excellent infrastructural developments in the past few years, like metro rail expansion, elevated roads, flyovers, construction of Yamuna Expressway and the announcement of FNG Expressway. Nowadays, Noida is the top preferred destination amongst the corporates with a limited budget or for the startups who wants an office space in economical rentals with corporate look buildings and in-house international level amenities. Noida is a planned, integrated, modern industrial city which directly connects to Delhi through ultra modern Metro and through a several other modes of transportation.

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Noida has many industrial sectors which are best for the companies to start their business. The rentals of Office space for rent in Noida, Sector-16 are economical then other neighboring cities of Noida, the availability of bigger area on single floor, ample of parking spaces inside or outside the building, wider and traffic free roads, greenery all around are some of the factors which increases the demand of the sector in the city.

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The city is also called the industrial fairy land and best for factory space for rent in Noida  as it offers the manufacturing units a pollution free and highly supportive industrial environment with its unique infrastructure which provides numerous and matchless facilities. The city has smooth and wide and traffic free roads which are helpful in the movement of heavy vehicles required in warehousing and factories. Noida is considered as a green heaven – called GREEN NOIDA CLEAN NOIDA, totally free from pollution. The one of the major advantage of getting the factory space in Noida include the abundance of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour at a very economical wages. Noida has various industrial property available for rent at economical rentals as compared to other cities. The upcoming new airport in Jewar will increase economic activity in Noida and there will be a huge job generation. The metro in Noida will likely to be extended up to Jewar in order to improve connectivity to the airport.


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Why to Take Factory Space for Rent in Noida Only?

Factory for rent in noida is the first choice of every corporate as the name of the City itself suggest as New Okhla Industrial development authority, This city is design to have industrial practices with all amenities like Great connectivity, residential development for all segments like Villas, high end apartments, budgeted flats etc. Noida is having all type of industries like Oppo mobile, karbonn mobile, lava, Vivo, Dixon technologies, Honda, Yamaha, Panasonic, T-series, Network 18, Red fm, motherson, Samsung, Bhel, TATA projects, Luxor pen, Shahnaaz Husain industries, Havels, Jubliant, Ginni filaments, sahu exports etc.

Top Quality Factory Space for Rent in Noida at Propworld

In Noida you can have 2 options for your factory like Industrial shed for rent in noida and industrial buildings. You can opt the suitable option as per your suitability. we are having ready to move Industrial building for rent with flooring, power and lift where you can start your operations by tomorrow. we are having buildings in all sizes like

450 sq meter = approx 2700 sq ft X 4 floors==> 10800 to 12000 sq ft area

800 sq meter plot size= 4000 sq ft X 4 floors ==> 16000 sq ft to 18000 sq ft area.

1000 sq meter plot size = 5000 sq ft X 4 floors ==> 20,000 sq ft to 22,000 sq ft area

1800 sq meter plot size = 10500 sq ft X 4 floors ==> 42000 sq ft to 45000 sq ft

we are also having large building options upto 4 lakh sq ft in noida.

These building are with all required approvals & complains , all the fire fighting work is done, flooring, power, goods lift can be discussed as per tenant’s requirement. We are having options for you in all locations of Noida & Gr. Noida like phase 2, phase 3, Near expressway., Ecotech-1,2,3 etc. kindly call us to setup your factory space. The ongoing rentals for these buildings are moving between 18 to 22 Rs per sq feet depending on property, location, size of the building and other parameters. We are also having certain buildings which are vacated or going to vacate by exporters and Electronic manufacturers so if your company is into export business then we can help you in providing those options where everything is already made as per your requirement. Kindly call us to visit factory for rent in Noida.


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Get Secure Factory Space for Rent in Noida at Propworld Realty

Noida is the modern & industrial city of India that has witnessed a lot of development in the last decade. The city has much more developed infrastructure such as skyscrapers, ultra modern metro, transport facilities, entertainment hubs, shopping malls and many other things. Noida has a location advantage in terms of proximity to capital city “Delhi”. It is closer to the New Delhi railway station and the heart of capital “Connaught Place”. Noida has the best connectivity with other parts of NCR too through several modes of transportation and ultra modern running metro. Most of the job seekers choose the location Noida because of its transportation system. Noida follows a better approach to town management, the supurb has well laid out commercial & residential sectors with wide roads, flyovers, under passes and plenty of local shopping complexes in each sector for the convenience of occupants. The city is major hub for multinational and foreign firms such as Sapient, Fiserv, Headstrong, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Adobe Systems, Fujitsu, TCS, Ericsson, DELL, EXL Service, IBM, Wipro, Accenture, Samsung etc.

Noida also offers a pollution free high standard and highly supportive industrial environment which provides numerous matchless facilities such as lots of greenery all around, well developed land, uninterrupted water & power supply, wider roads, round-the-clock Police Patrolling etc. Therefore, the city has emerged into an industrial city and many manufacturing units have moved their base here.  NOIDA industrial spaces are getting far better than other populated cities in terms of parking facility, economical rentals, bigger spaces, availability of skilled & semi skilled labour at cheaper rates etc. therefore the demand of Warehouse space for rent in Noida is rapidly increasing. The warehouses of Noida have built in such a way by keeping in view the all basic requirements of a client to store the goods in a large quantity without any hassle. The rentals of factory space for rent in Noida are also much more economical than other big NCR cities. The upcoming new metro route, GST from July’17 onwards and many other developments will boost the region. In the last decade many manufacturing firms especially mobile manufacturers have taken the large spaces in Noida which in turns enhance the employment opportunities. Propworld Realty is the best corporate leasing company of Noida and can provide the best warehouse and factory spaces on rent at most economical rentals.

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The future of Noida and Greater Noida is bright and the local administrations and UP Governments are also working to provide excellent facilities for making them business/industrial hub of India which in turns will attract more companies and will raise the demand of factory space for rent in Noida & Greater Noida.

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Why the Demand of Factory on Rent in Noida is Increasing?

The demand for Industrial building for rent in Noida is keeps on increasing because of its excellent connectivity, better infrastructure and has all key advantages which provide numerous matchless facilities to the companies. As we all know, this city is an Industrial hub and famous for Industrial buildings which are generally used for manufacturing & assembling units, warehousing, sheds etc. It is turning out to be a model city because of its development in the areas of industry commerce and trade. The reason for companies shifting their base to Noida is the availability of inventory; Noida has a lot of supply of big Industrial buildings for rent, so companies can easily plan their expansion here. This has proved as a boon for the people living in Noida as it has given ample of employment opportunities to youngsters and growth to them. Noida offers a pollution free and highly supportive industrial environment with greenery all around. In the last few years, some of the big giants have taken the space in Noida. One of the main reasons behind the existence of these big international and national companies is the close proximity to Capital “Delhi”. The city has the wide roads and free from traffic jams because of running ultra modern metro, elevated roads, flyovers etc. The rentals of Noida are much more economical than other parts of Delhi-NCR, ample of parking space, uninterrupted water and power supply etc. are the positive factors of Noida which keeps on attracting many industries.

Industrial building for rent in Noida

Factory is a building where goods or raw materials are converted into finished products or assembled through machinery. Noida is an ideal destination due to a lot of conditions which are conducive for its industrial/factory growth. Noida has many big buildings which can be used as factory and has a large availability of inventory on economical rentals as compared to other cities. Factory for rent in Noida is one of the most demanding locations in Delhi-NCR wider roads, ample parking space, uninterrupted water & power supply, bigger spaces, availability of skilled labour at lowest wages etc. The companies always want their factories spaces close to their corporate offices, and Noida is the location where the corporate can easily have their offices, warehouses and factories nearby for the convenience of employees and employers.

Factory for rent in Noida
Factory for Rent in Noida

The upcoming GST from July’2017 onwards, Delhi-Mumbai corridor, extended Metro route which will cover almost all the residential, commercial and industrial sectors of Noida & Greater Noida, International Airport at Jewar will be a major boost for Industrial sectors of Noida and Greater Noida.

Propworld Realty is the team of professionals deals in corporate leasing for Noida & Greater Noida. Propworld realty can help you in locating the appropriate industrial building and factory on lease/rent for your company.